I’ve been to Tampa on Extended business before, and have to say that this is my best experience.

I’m not looking for much, but here were the prerequisites:

  • Close to restaurants (U A is also close to mall and airport)
  • Quiet neighborhood (I had stayed in Hyde park, which is great during the week, but UA is in a residential neighborhood-better)
  • Evidence of a solid pest control program (if you’ve lived in FL, you know what I mean)
  • Minimalist, but comfortable furnishing (why waste money if you’re only here to work)
  • Internet, wifi and a decent TV (for watching Netflix-just like at home)
  • Off-street parking (but not in a parking garage-what a pain!)
  • Excellent after sales service (this was lacking or deficient in the other establishments I rented from)

Urban Oasis is renovated apartments with single bedrooms and full kitchens (if I understand correctly, similar/same layouts for all). Setup of the rental was easy-5 min, as was payment (through PayPal). They use electronic locks-so no key to carry. The manager hooked me up within 24 hours with just what I wanted (including all the paperwork I was already on the road and had a few special requirements), and then within a few hours when I had some miner concerns (including replacing the entire TV so it would work with my PS3 it was probably just because I didn’t know how to run it anyway).

Tampa is a big town with a lot of options, you may find fancy neighborhoods or high-amenity high-rises, but for me simpler is better and don’t underestimate the importance of the small details (i.e., parking, pest control, after sale service). If you’re here to work and/or vacation it’s perfect.